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Powder NBR(Special for friction material)

Powdered nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) has good adhesion, and its bonding ability with phenolic resin can be increased to improve the flexibility of friction materials. Mainly used in: car disc brake pad, drum brake pad, clutch face, train brake pad, motorcycle brake pad, abrasive and other products.
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LNBR series

Liquid nitrile rubber(LNBR) is a viscous liquid rubber with butadiene and acrylonitrile as main chain structure, containing or without other functional groups at room temperature. Its numerically average molecular weight is usually below 10000. LNBR is a new type of low molecular weight liquid toughening, plasticizer and rubber softener. LNBR is a viscous liquid rubber developed on the basis of nitrile rubber. A little yellow, transparent, tasteless. LNBR function: reactive plasticizer & softener. The combination with phenolic resin improves the brittleness of the resin and increases the flexibility and temperature resistance of the resin.
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Styrene butadiene rubber(SBR) for road asphalt modification

Highway surface layer using modified asphalt, road maintenance also began to use, the amount of road asphalt increased. In 2015, the total length of highways and expressways reached 4.5 million km and 108,000 km, ranking first in the world. With the successful application of asphalt concrete in the field of road, the use of modified asphalt concrete to lay runway in airport construction is increasing rapidly. With the rapid development of transportation in China, the demand of SBR for road asphalt modification is increasing year by year. SBR modified asphalt has excellent low temperature resistance.
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Powder NBR(Special for PVC modification

Powdered nitrile rubber(PNBR) is a copolymer of butadiene and acrylonitrile polymerised at low temperatures and made by a special process as a powdered elastomer. The raw rubber is available in the form of blocks, emulsions, granules and powders. Powdered NBR is usually available in particle sizes of 0.3-0.6mm, has good flowability and it has the basic properties of rubber. In terms of reprocessing, the cutting process is omitted compared to block rubber, enabling dry mixing of the powder. In addition, no preheating is required for processing, which results in good dispersion and shortens the mixing time. It can also be mixed directly with compounding agents for extrusion or injection moulding, saving energy and reducing heat build-up during processing to reduce scorching. The product does not agglomerate during transport.
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Rubber plastic alloy (NBR/PVC) is a melt blend of NBR and PVC. Because NBR has good compatibility with PVC, the two materials can be blended in any proportion.

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