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JianSheng technology,meet the change and be brave in innovation. Adapt to the daily changes of the company, not complaining. In the face of change, rational treatment, full communication and good faith. Looking forward to the work, establishing a new method and a new idea. Creating changes and bringing about a breakthrough in performance. Take the courage to take on the mistakes and take the responsibility. Passion, optimistic, never give up.






Research ltem


The company set up comprehensive laboratory and R&D center,now is the CFMSA member, Applied research base of new synthetic rubber materials for PetroChina,L .anzhou Chemical Research Institute building technology research and development center ,High polymer research and bloomer station of Beijing University of Chemical Technology.Have a variety of advanced testing,experimental and R&D equipments, Professional technical team and the Industry-University- Research collaboration provide a solid guarantee for company technological innovation,product upgrade,transformation of the research results,customer service. Relying on the excellent employees with team work spirit,global vision,through the independent innovation and resource advantages,strive to build the most influential brand in the industry.Transcending ourselves and pursuing excellence are the motive ad goal of Jiansheng people.


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